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Welcome to the Colorado School of Mines, and thank you for taking the time to visit our site. The Colorado School of Mines Department of Public Safety (Mines Police Department) is a full service, community oriented law enforcement agency, charged with the enforcement of campus regulations and all federal, state and local laws, with 24/7 service to the campus. This function is essential to maintaining an environment that is safe and allows our educational mission to occur without disruption.

We are committed to enhancing the quality of life of the campus community and primarily responsible for developing services, programs, and strategies for maintaining a safe campus.
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The safety and security of our campus is our utmost concern. But we need your help. Maintaining a safe and secure campus takes a community effort and is a shared responsibility. Clearly, the best protection against campus crime is an aware, informed, alert campus community along with a law-enforcement presence.

In order to meet this goal, the department focuses on a strong working relationship with the campus community. We recognize that we provide services to our community and support the idea that all relationships require an equal partnership. We are committed to the philosophy of community policing. Through this philosophy, we have trained our officers to serve as partners with the campus community.

We invite you to partner with your Campus Police Department. Report any suspicious activity you feel may warrant our attention. This includes any criminal activity on or near the campus, and particularly if you're a victim of a crime on campus. Reporting these incidents allows us to better serve the community and help prevent further incidents. By becoming partners with us, you can assist in making our campus community a safer place to be.

The Mines Police Department is here to serve and protect you. Together, we can ensure that our campus community remains safe. If you have questions or would like further information about safety and security, please explore this web site further.

If you have any comments or questions regarding the Mines Police Department, please feel free to contact our office.

Administration Office Hours: (303) 273-3333 (Monday-Friday: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.)
After hours officers will answer or you will be directed to the Golden Police Department Dispatch
Golden Dispatch: (303) 384-8045 (24/7)

Police assistance can be obtained 24 hours a day, seven days a week, by calling Mines Police or the Golden Dispatch Center.

It is the MissionPDF versionText only version of the Colorado School of Mines Police Department to make the Mines campus the safest campus in Colorado.
The department is responsible for providing services such as:

  • Proactive patrol of the campus and its facilities;
  • Investigation and reporting of crimes and incidents;
  • Motor vehicle traffic and parking enforcement;
  • Crime and security awareness programs;
  • Alcohol / Drug abuse awareness / education;
  • Self-defense classes;
  • Consultation with campus departments for safety and security matters;
  • Additional services to the campus community such as: vehicle unlocks and jumpstarts, community safe walks (escorts), building and office security, and assistance in any medical, fire, or other emergency situation.

Mines Emergency Alert

SIGN UP!! To be informed in the event of a future campus emergency, sign up for Mines Emergency Alerts. The Mines Emergency Alert system (MEA) is an emergency notification service that allows university officials to quickly communicate emergency messages to students, faculty and staff via cellular phone text and voice messages, and broadcast on-campus e-mail and phone messages.

To receive emergency messages on your cell phone, you must subscribe. To subscribe, logon to Trailhead and go to "Self Service," click on "Personal Information" and then "Mines Emergency Alert System." The contact information you provide only will be used for delivering emergency messages via the Mines Emergency Alert system.

For more information visit:

Active Shooter

Clearly, response to an active shooter is one of the most dynamic situations that anyone will ever face.An Active Shooter is defined as one or more subjects who participate in a random or systematic shooting spree demonstrating their intent to continuously harm or kill others. These situations are dynamic and evolve rapidly, demanding immediate deployment of law enforcement resources to stop the shooting and limit harm or loss of life to innocent victims.Though we hope we never encounter an active shooter situation on the Colorado School of Mines campus, we know preparation and advance planning can guide our actions and help reduce the negative impacts of such a tragic event. For Colorado School of Mines students, staff, faculty and visitors the Mines Police Department website offers instructional videos and resources on how to respond when shots are fired.

Please visit our site for more information

Drug and Alcohol

Alcohol Policy

The Colorado School of Mines Board of Trustees has adopted an alcohol use policy in keeping with state and local laws governing the use, distribution, and consumption of alcohol. The university is committed to responsible behavior and as such, the alcohol policy is designed to encourage responsible drinking and behavior. Violation of this policy may result in disciplinary and/or legal action.

Colorado law prohibits consumption of alcoholic beverages for people under age 21. Furthermore, social host liability may be imposed on persons serving or permitting the serving of alcohol to minors, visibly intoxicated persons, or habitual drinkers.

Students shall not engage in the unauthorized or unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensation, possession, use/abuse of alcohol and/or illicit drugs on college property or as part of any college activity.Any attempt to sell alcoholic beverages without authorization and licensing violates Colorado State liquor code and is also subject to university disciplinary action. To obtain a special event liquor license, meet with the Associate Dean of Students a minimum of 60 days prior to the event.  Student organizations wishing to hold a function at which alcoholic beverages will be served in any campus facility or on campus grounds must first receive approval by the Associate Dean of Students.

Mines students are accountable for their actions and judgment and are expected to make responsible decisions regarding alcohol. Violations of this policy are subject to appropriate institutional and legal sanctions.

Illegal Drug Policy

The Colorado School of Mines prohibits the sale, manufacture, distribution, use or possession of illegal drugs on the Mines Campus.  Sale, distribution or manufacturing of illegal drugs by a member of the Mines campus community will normally result in the administration taking action to curtail the activity.  This policy applies within or upon the grounds, buildings, or any other facilities of the campus.  Sanctions may be imposed upon individuals found in violation of these policies, as well as violation of criminal laws controlling drugs and alcohol.

More specific and detailed information about Mines institutional policies addressing drugs and alcohol concerns can be found in student handbooks, personnel offices, or administrative policy information.  Faculty, staff and students are encouraged to obtain this information through Student Life or the Mines Human Resource office.

All student events at which students and alcohol are present, must be properly approved by the Associate Dean of Students prior to the event. This includes both on and off campus events as well as student events planned by faculty or staff members. Beer and wine are the only types of alcohol allowed at student events. Hard liquor is never permitted at student events.

Mines offers, through the Office of Student Development and Academic Services, proactive alcohol and drug abuse programs designed to educate students to the dangers of substance abuse and making healthy choices. These programs are supplemented by a drug education component of the freshman general physical education course.
State Laws on Marijuana (pdf)PDF versionText only version

Drug Free Schools & Communities Act

The Colorado School of Mines, in compliance with the federal government’s Drug Free Schools & Communities Act, wants students to be aware of community standards and potential consequences pertaining to the illegal use of alcohol or drugs.

Mines will impose sanctions on any student found to be in violation of campus standards as outlined in the Code of Conduct. Sanctions include, but are not limited to, requirements to complete an appropriate education or rehabilitation program, suspension or expulsion from Mines, and/or referral to the appropriate authorities.  For additional information on Drug and Alcohol Policies (as well as other policies) visit:

Firearms and Weapons Policy on Campus

Any type of gun, including BB and pellet guns, paintball guns, or any other device capable of launching a projectile, is not permitted on the Colorado School of Mines campus. Other weapons such as illegal knives, picks, or axes are also not allowed. All weapons brought to campus must immediately be checked in at the Mines’ Department of Public Safety for storage.

Explosives of any kind, including firecrackers or any other type of fireworks, and gunpowder, may not be used or stored on any property owned or operated by the School, unless it is for the explicit purpose of classroom or laboratory instruction and is under the direct supervision of a faculty member and with the consent of the Department of Public Safety.

Possession of a firearm or other deadly weapon on Mines’ property without permission is a violation of School policy and in some cases a violation of state law and will be dealt with accordingly. A person who possesses a valid permit to carry a concealed handgun in accordance with Colorado law, C.R.S. § 18-12-201, et seq., and is acting in compliance with this state law, will not be deemed to have violated this policy. A concealed carry permit does not authorize the use of a handgun in a manner which violates state or federal law or School policy. Further, the exception in this policy for concealed carry permit holders applies only to handguns as defined in C.R.S. § 18-12-202; all other firearms, explosives and weapons are subject to this policy. For additional information on campus Firearms Policy (as well as other policies) visit:


MINES PD Main Office:

1922 Jones Road
Golden, CO 80401
(303)384-2214 fax:

Administrative office hours:
Monday - Friday 8:00 A..M. to noon
and 1:00 P.M. to 4:00 P.M.

After hours, an on-duty
Mines Police Officer can
be reached by calling
(303) 273-3333 and touching option 5
or by calling the City of 
Golden Police Dispatch
at (303) 384-8045 or  911

Chief/ Director:
Greg Bohlen

Dave Cillessen

Patrick Bahl

Office Manager:
Carol Conway

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