Apartment FAQs

What is included in rent?
CSM pays for water, sewer, public area lighting, trash removal, snow removal, expanded basic cable television and wired or wireless connection to the Mines network.
Does rent include utilities?
No. Upon move-in, student will contact Xcel Energy to transfer utilities into his/her name(s). Xcel is the utility provider for both gas and electric.
Is any type of smoking allowed?
No, the Apartments at Mines Park are strictly smoke free. This includes hookahs and any other smoking devices.
Are pets allowed?
No. The only exception is harmless aquatic life kept in appropriate domains, not to exceed 15 gallons.
Are window air conditioners or satellite dishes allowed?
No. However, you may purchase a portable floor model air conditioner to be used in your unit. Under no circumstances are any objects allowed to hang or protrude outside of the apartment windows.
Do I have to have a parking permit to park at Mines Park?
Yes, a parking pass is required to park at Mines Park from 7am until 5pm, Monday through Friday. For more questions on the Campus Parking Policy, contact Parking Services at 303.273.3100.
Do the apartments have storage units?
While all units have plentiful storage within the units themselves, the apartments on Infinity Circle also have a secure storage closet outside of their unit.
Do the apartments come furnished?
No, the Apartments at Mines Park do not come furnished. Students will need to provide their own furniture. Main kitchen appliances are provided (i.e. refrigerator, stove/oven, dishwasher).
What other amenities are there?
Residents of Mines Park also have access to two Community Centers. Both Community Centers have lounge areas, recreation rooms, laundry facilities, and bathrooms. Community Center #1 (located at 1901 19th Street) can be reserved for use by Mines Park Residents only. Please contact the Student Life Office for more details on reserving CC#1.
I am unable to connect to the wireless internet. What should I do?
If you are having trouble using your computer to access the internet on the Mines wireless network, or if you think that a wired Ethernet port in your apartment is not working, contact the CCIT at 303.384.2345.
What do I do if I have locked myself out of my apartment?
You have a few options. First, try to contact your Community Assistant to come let you in. If your assigned Community Assistant does not respond, you can also try any of the other Community Assistants. Second, if you are unable to reach any of the Community Assistants, you can stop by the Student Life Office during normal business hours (M-F, 8-5) to check out a temporary key. If neither of the first two options work for you, your last resort is to call Public Safety at 303.273.3333. A Public Safety officer will be able to assist if they are available. We understand that lockouts happen, but please try to limit the number of times that you lock yourself out.
What kitchen appliances are included?
The only kitchen appliances provided are the stove, dish washer, and refrigerator. You must bring any additional appliances you may require.
Can visitors to Mines Park residents get a parking permit?
Parking Services provides FREE temporary parking permits for short-term visitors. Residents should bring the license plate number of their visitors vehicle and we will issue a temporary permit for Mines Park so they are not ticketed for not having a permit, if they happen to be visiting during our enforcement hours.

Residence Life

Department of Residence Life & Housing

Residence Life Office
Phone: (303) 869-LIFE(5433)
Toll Free: (800) 446-9488 x5433
Fax: (303) 384-2261
Location: Campus Living Office (Elm Hall)
Monday – Friday:
8 am – 6 pm

Apartments at Mines Park Office
Phone: 303-869-5444
Toll Free: (800) 446-9488 x5444
Location: Community Center 2 at Mines Park
Monday – Friday:
8 am – 7 pm

Addressing mail to students living on campus
First and Last Name
Colorado School of Mines
Name of Residence Hall and Room number
1301 19th Street
Golden, CO 80401