Congratulations Spring Graduates!

The CRFM heartily congratulates our Spring 2023 graduates including: Dr. Gama Firdaus, Arkhat Kalbekov, and Nicolás Bufaliza. Best wishes for your future!

Congratulations, Dr. Firdaus!

Congratulations to Gama Firdaus for successfully defending his PhD dissertation titled, “Stress- and direction-dependent analysis of elastic and petrophysical properties, and texture in unconventional rocks.” We look forward to watching what comes ahead for Dr. Firdaus in his career.

Congrats on 2nd Place Finish in Innov8x Challenge

Congratulations to CRFM student Arkhat Kalbekov and his fellow Petroleum Engineering students Gizem Yildirim, and Meruyert Makhatova, who participated in an Innov8x Challenge Contest and won second place. During the competition, sponsoring companies presented their challenges and requested participating teams to propose viable solutions. Team UREP pitched a technological design for subsurface carbon capture from produced oil and gas.

CRFM Director Receives Distinguished Achievement Award

Luis ZerpaCRFM Director Luis Zerpa Acosta has received the 2022 Society of Petroleum Engineers Rocky Mountain North America Region Distinguished Achievement Award for Petroleum Engineering Faculty. This award is an acknowledgement of Dr. Zerpa’s outstanding contribution in the Rocky Mountain region to his field.  The distinguished achievement award recognizes superior teaching, excellence in research, significant contributions to the petroleum engineering profession, and/or special effectiveness in advising and guiding students.

Congratulations Dr. Zerpa!


Work on porous colloidal nanoparticles published

CRFM co-director Manika Prasad, post-doctoral researcher Kurt Livo, and former research faculty member Mathias Pohl worked with their colleagues to investigate the feasibility of using porous colloidal nanoparticles as injectable multimodal contrast agents for geophysical sensing. Check the work out here. 

Fall Colors 2022

Meadow vista

Post-hike dinner - Yum!