2023 Review

A lot happened at the CRFM in 2023. Here are just a few of the year’s highlights:

  • AFRAH SIDDIQUE successfully defended her MS thesis titled, “Evaluation of a wettability modifier additive on improving oil recovery in fractured reservoirs”.
  • Several students and faculty presented at the AGU 2023 Meeting including:
    • MAUREEN JAMES presented her work on “Assessing the Carbon Neutrality of EOR projects”
    • DOROTHY MWANZIA presented her work on “Experimental Study of Brine-saturated Arkosic Sandstones and Volcanic Ash Exposed to Liquid and Supercritical CO2
    • CHANCE AMOS in collaboration with Manika Prasad present his work on “Rock Physics Modeling of Powdered Rock and Comparison to Apollo Active Seismic Velocity”
  • DR. ZERPA received the 2023 SPE Regional Reservoir Description and Dynamics Award from the SPE Rocky Mountain North America Region. This award is an acknowledgement of Dr. Zerpa’s outstanding contribution in this area at the regional level.
  • DANIEL RATHMAIER presented a poster at the INTERPORE 2023 conference on “Potential Applications of Quantum Computing in Pore Scale Modeling”
  • DR. ZERPA was appointed was appointed as the second recipient of the Harry D. Campbell Endowed Chair in Petroleum Engineering. The Harry D. Campbell Endowed Chair in Petroleum Engineering was established in 2005 by Mr. Harry D. Campbell, PE’ 42. The holder of the Chair is expected to exhibit an exciting vision for the future of the petroleum industry, technical expertise in reservoir management, ability to lead cutting-edge research programs, effectiveness in teaching and mentoring students, and strong commitment to business and professional ethics and its integration with teaching and mentoring activities.

Looking forward to 2024!


Paper published

Recent graduate Gama Firdaus, along with co-authors Manika Prasad and Jyoti Behura, have just been published in Scientific Reports with a paper titled, “A novel anisotropy template for an improved interpretation of elastic anisotropy data”. The template they designed can be used to assess stress-dependent changes in elastic moduli and investigate rock textures. Check out the work at the following link:

Congratulations Spring Graduates!

The CRFM heartily congratulates our Spring 2023 graduates including: Dr. Gama Firdaus, Arkhat Kalbekov, and Nicolás Bufaliza. Best wishes for your future!

Congratulations, Dr. Firdaus!

Congratulations to Gama Firdaus for successfully defending his PhD dissertation titled, “Stress- and direction-dependent analysis of elastic and petrophysical properties, and texture in unconventional rocks.” We look forward to watching what comes ahead for Dr. Firdaus in his career.

Congrats on 2nd Place Finish in Innov8x Challenge

Congratulations to CRFM student Arkhat Kalbekov and his fellow Petroleum Engineering students Gizem Yildirim, and Meruyert Makhatova, who participated in an Innov8x Challenge Contest and won second place. During the competition, sponsoring companies presented their challenges and requested participating teams to propose viable solutions. Team UREP pitched a technological design for subsurface carbon capture from produced oil and gas.