Afrah Siddique – as a technologically oriented women in STEM – believes that success in her academic and professional endeavors is achieved by overcoming challenges, taking risks, and maintaining her self-confidence. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Petroleum Engineering from NED University of Engineering & Technology in 2015. Most recently, she has worked as a Reservoir Engineer in “New Field Development & Reservoir Modelling Group” of a National Oil company in Pakistan. She has been part of several Integrated reservoir simulation studies and full field development and re-development plans to maximize recovery of gas and gas-condensate fields which helped her translate her theoretical knowledge into practical implementation and boosted her confidence to make decisions under uncertain and risky situations.

Her research interests lie in exploitation of unconventional reservoirs. She wants to dedicate her continuing education efforts to keep up with the advancements made in exploitation of unconventional resources by getting involved in cutting-edge research in a multidisciplinary environment.

Beside her professional achievements, she is an artist by passion and a traveler. She believes by exploring new places and meeting new people gives you an unmatched exposure and you make memories that last forever.