L. Graham Closs

Emeritus Associate Professor, Geology and Geological Engineering

 Graham Closs





  • PhD (Geological Sciences): Queen’s University (Canada), 1973
  • M.S. (Geology): University of Vermont, 1970
  • A.B. (Geology): Colgate University, 1967

Research Areas

  • Exploration geochemistry
  • Economic geology
  • Geological data analysis applied to problems in mineral resource exploration and development

Current Research Projects




  • Menendez, F. A. and Closs, L. G., 1998. Geochemical Exploration for Gold in the Choco 6 Concession, Bolivar State, Venezuela (Abst.). SME Annual Mtg. (Orlando). Program and Abstracts Volume: Oral Presentation.
  • Closs, L. G., 1997. Exploration Geochemistry: Expanding contributions to mineral resource development (Keynote Presentation). in Gubins, A. G. (Ed.), Proceedings of Exploration 97: Fourth Decennial International Conference on Mineral Exploration. PDAC: 3-8
  • Garcia, A. E. and Closs, L. G., 1995. Exploration of Au-bearing mafic rocks, Tomi gold deposit, Guasipati greenstone belt, Estado Bolivar, Venezuela. IX Congreso Lationo Americano de Geologic. Nov. 5-8, 1995. Caracus, Venezuela. Proceedings Papers available on computer disk from Organizing Committee.
  • Glanzman, R. K. and Closs, L. G., 1993a. Multimedia exploration geochemistry using field portable x-ray fluorescence. in Integrated Methods in Exploration and Discovery Conference (Denver), Extended Abstracts: 38-39.
  • Glanzman, R. K. and Closs, L. G., 1993b. Quality assurance and control guidelines for exploration and environmental geochemistry investigations. Explore 78: 1,6.
  • Herrera, P. A., Closs, L. G. and Silberman, M. L., 1993. Alteration and geochemical zoning in Bodie Bluff, Bodie mining district, eastern California. J. Geochem. Explor. 48:259-275.
  • Closs, L. G. and Nichol, I., 1989. Design and planning of geochemical programs. in Garland, G. D. (Ed.). Proceedings of Exploration 87. Ontario Geol. Surv. Spec. V. 3: 569-583.
  • Nichol, I., Closs, L. G. and Lavin, O. P., 1989. Sample representativity with reference to gold exploration. in Garland, G. D. (Ed.). Proceedings of Exploration 87. Ontario Geol. Surv. Spec. V. 3:609-624.




Professional Activities

  • Association of Exploration Geochemists (AEG)
  • Society of Economic Geologists (SEG)
  • Denver Region Exploration Geologists Society (DREGS)
  • American Institute of Professional Geologists (AIPG)
  • Geological Association of Canada (GAC)