Former Students

Last NameFirst NameProgramDegreeGraduatedThesis
AdamLudmilaGeophysicsPhD 2003Elastic and visco-elastic laboratory properties in carbonates
AlabbadMaithamGeophysicsMS2021Machine learning applications for core guided petrophysical analysis
Al GhaithiAunGeophysical EngineeringMS2020Deep learning methods for shear log predictions in the Volve Field Norwegian North Sea
Al-RiyamiHamedPetroleum EngineeringPhD2022Investigation into the effect of temperature on nitrogen foam behavior
AlsaadAliGeophysicsMS2024Fluid saturation estimation using full waveform inversion (FWI): A controlled laboratory experiment
AkarapatimaThanyanatGeophysicsMS2018Model comparisons of multivariate statistics with theoretical predictions of elastic properties in sandstones
AtkinsonJaredGeophysical EngineeringMS2010Multicomponent time-lapse monitoring of two hydraulic fracture stimulations in an unconventional reservoir, Pouce Coupe Field, Canada
BakerKathleenGeophysicsMS2006Forward modeling of deepwater outcrop geobodies to enhance seismic interpretation of Ursa Field, Gulf of Mexico
BathijaArpita PalGeophysicsPhD2009Elastic properties of clays
BohlenKarolinePetroleum Reservoir SystemsProfessional MS
BridgesMasonGeophysicsMS2016Mechanical properties of the Niobrara
BufalizaNicolásGeophysicsMS2023Quantitative Seismic Characterization for Low Saturation Gas Reservoirs: A Case Study in Magallanes Formation, Austral Basin, Argentina
ColsonLeifGeophysicsMS2005Petrophysical evaluation of vuggy carbonates with emphasis on the use of nuclear magnetic resonance data
CorapciogluHakanPetroleum EngineeringMS2014Fracturing fluid effects on Young's modulus and embedment in the Niobrara Formation
DasAgnibhaGeophysicsPhD 2010The viscoelastic properties of heavy-oil saturated rocks
DimickJordanHydrologyMS2007The abilty to predict ground water flow in a structurally faulted river valley with naturally occurring hot springs using multivariate geochemical analyses
EckeHansGeophysicsMS2005Seismic velocity calibration: fluids, pressure and frequencies
ElbahariaMohammadGeophysicsMS2012High temperature characterization of oil shales: The Green River Formation
FirdausGamaPetroleum EngineeringPhD2023Stress- and direction-dependent analysis of elastic and petrophysical properties, and texture in unconventional rocks
Forghani-AraniFarnoushGeophysicsPhD 2013Analysis and suppression of passive noise in surface microseismic data
GautamKumarGeophysicsMS2005Fluid effects of attenuation and dispersion of elastic waves
GayerJamesGeophysicsMS2015Artificial maturation of oil shale: the Irati Formation from the Parana Basin, Brazil
GeranuttiBiancaPetroleum EngineeringMS2020Investigation of Gas Hydrate Formation During Sea Water Injection Based on Undersaturated Oil Core Flooding Experiments.
GodinezLemuelPetroleum EngineeringMS2014Important mineralogical factors for fluid saturation, specific surface area and pore size distribution based on gas adsorption, cation exchange capacity and 2D dielectric microscopy: A case study of quartz phase porcelanites in the Miocene Monterey Formation
GuliyevAnvarPetroleum EngineeringMS2018Pore compressibility of reservoir sandstones from integrated laboratory experiments
HasanovAzarGeophysicsPhD 2019Rock physics investigations using pressure oscillations
HavensJesseGeophysicsMS2012Mechanical properties of the Bakken Formation
HinkleAmyGeophysical EngineeringMS2007Relating chemical and physical properties of heavy oils
HofmannRonnyGeophysicsPhD 2006Frequency dependent elastic and anelastic properties of clastic rocks
JoewondoNerinePetroleum EngineeringPhD2018Pore structure of micro- and mesoporous mudrocks based on nitrogen and carbon dioxide sorption
JohnstonMerrickGeophysicsMS2009Temperature and frequency dependence of viscoelasticity in bitumen
KamruzzamanAsmPetroleum EngineeringMS2016Petrophysical rock typing of unconventional shale plays: A case study for the Niobrara Formation of the Denver-Julesburg (DJ) Basin
KumarSanyogPetroleum EngineeringPhD2016Rock-fluid interaction and phase properties of fluids in nano-and subnano-pores of shales: sorption-based studies
LivoKurtPetroleum EngineeringPhD2020Quantification of surface and bulk fluid induced proton relaxation mechanisms for low field
LivoKurtPetroleum EngineeringMS2016Mineralogical controls on NMR rock surface relaxivity: A case study of the Fontainebleau sandstone
Maldonado PebaAlejandraGeophysicsMS2011Elastic and mechanical properties of the Niobrara Formation with application to hydraulic fracture design
MartinezFernando JoseGeophysicsMS2011Characterization of heavy oil sands from complex conductivity and seismic frequency velocity measurements
MapeliCesarPetroleum EngineeringMS2018The effect of pressure on simultaneous elastic and electric measurements of sandstones
MarkeyCraigGeophysicsMS2015Geophysical properties of carbon monoxide when used as an enhanced oil recovery agent
MurugesuManjuPetroleum EngineeringMS2019Chemistry and morphology of rocks: Implication for CO2 storage capacity
OduwoleSimiloluwa Adebusola Petroleum EngineeringMS2021Reservoir analysis of a CO2 sequestration site: Experiment-guided field scale modeling
OuLiweiPetroleum EngineeringPhD2018Experimental study on the anisotropy of unconventional tight reservoirs: Joint ultrasonic and electrical measurements under pressure
PanfiloffAndrePetroleum EngineeringMS2016Experimental evaluation of dynamic elastic properties and anisotropy in shales
PohlMathiasPhD-GeophysicsPhD2018Ultasonic and electrical properites of hydrate-bearing sediments
RiveraSaulPetroleum EngineeringMS2014Ultrasonic and low field nuclear magnetic resonance study of lower Monterey formation: San Joaquin Basin
RochaSantiagoPetroleum EngineeringMS2021Feasibility study of closed-loop geothermal heat extraction concepts using reservoir simulation
RodriguesPatriciaGeophysicsPhD2014Shear modulus of heavy oils, rheometer measurements: confinement effect and amplitude dependence
Ruiz Bego¤aGeophysicsMS2007Lateral displacements in sandwich structures under uniaxial compressive stress: An alternative computational method
RydzyMarisaGeophysicsPhD2014The effect of hydrate formation on the elastic properties of unconsolidated sediment
SaidianMiladPetroleum Engineering2015Effect of rock composition and texture on pore distribution in shales: applications in low field nuclear magnetic resource
Sa-nguanphonSaksitGeophysicsMS2011Seismic interpretation of a karst carbonate reservoir: Chonnabot Structure: Northeastern Thailand
SarkerRituparnaGeophysicsPhD2010Elastic and flow properties of shales
SchindlerMandyGeophysicsPhD2018On pore-scale imaging and elasticity of unconsolidated sediments
SilbernagelMatthewGeophysical EngineeringMS2007Modeling coupled fluid flow and geomechanical and geophysical phenomena within a finite element framework
SiddiqueAfrahPetroleum EngineeringMS2023Evaluation of a wettability modifier additive on improving oil recovery in fractured reservoirs
SuarezValeria BolivarPetroleum EngineeringMS2020Experimental evaluation of anisotropy using petrophysical methods in Mancos shale, San Juan Basin, New Mexico
TamimiNaserGeophysics PhD2015Determination of seismic anisotropy parameters from multicomponent vertical seismic profiles for improved seismic imaging and reservoir characterization
UmamM. SyafiulGeophysicsMS2002Seismic modeling of deepwater outcrop analogs
WisniewskiMatthewGeophysicsMS2015Geophysical investigation of Jersey Valley geothermal field using magnetotelluric and gravity data
ZargariSaeedPetroleum EngineeringPhD2015Effect of thermal maturity on nanomechanical properties and porosity in organic rich shales(a Bakken shale case study)